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About Peernetics


Peernetics exists to enable the mass adoption of cryptocurrency payments. Through optimised cryptocurrency payment solutions, Peernetics empowers businesses to accept, exchange, withdraw, send, store and receive cryptocurrencies.

Founded by a team of passionate professionals, we seek to make it as easy as possible for all businesses to step into the world of cryptocurrency. We break down barriers to entry by taking ground-breaking and confusing technology and transforming it into an uncomplicated and user-friendly cryptocurrency payment gateway.

Together, we can unlock the power of cryptocurrency and transform your business.

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The Peernetics Team

Meet the team behind the cryptocurrency payment gateway that will skyrocket the growth of your business.

Nazir Miah

Founder & CEO
Jallal Uddin

Founder & BDM
Kamile Macijauskaite

Marketing Manager
Shamim Miah

Community Manager
Ejeh Michael Marvelous 

Developer Relations

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